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Saying Goodbye

Postby Yarmin Kell » Sun May 01, 2016 4:47 pm

Talked to Gunner this morning. He asked me about my plans with EVE.

To be honest, EVE and playing again has been on my mind lately. I can not generate any interest to log in to EVE. Seems I have lost interest for the time being.

I have been busy taking care of GeezerGaming and our server. Been adding custom maps to all of our Killing Floor 2 servers. That is the only game that I play on-line with people anymore. Simple and loads of fun. Busy with my new Wing, taking care of the house and keeping the little lady happy.

Told Gunner that I would log back in to our WH soon, when there is a HS close to my home system where all my stuff is and get my two toons and the ships they are in out of our home WH.

I have close to 6 bil. in isk that I will donate to you guys towards the Citadel endeavor, minus what I owe for POS fuel. Once out in HS, I will drop Corp.

This is not to say that I will never play EVE again, and if I do, I will definitely look you all up again as I had more fun with you all than anywhere else. The wealth of knowledge and skills you guys have was great just to listen and learn from all of you. I wish all of you the best of luck in all your endeavors, in game and in real life.

So fly safe, fly smart and remember, If Gunner says "Warp to me!" ............... you better hang on!!! ;-)
"Warp where? Warp to who? Fuck it!
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Re: Saying Goodbye

Postby Gunner GzR » Tue May 03, 2016 5:55 pm

So fly safe, fly smart and remember, If Gunner says "Warp to me!" ............... you better hang on!!! ;-)

lies terrible lies ... never happened hehehe

Been Fun Sir been gaming with you since the early 2000's so hate to see u go.. Will wander over to killing floor when i get the chance..See you when u get back to eve
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Gunner GzR
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Re: Saying Goodbye

Postby Nash MacAllister » Tue May 03, 2016 6:05 pm

Well, its been a pleasure. You are always welcome in corp and I at least hope to see you in SC when the day comes. =) Thank you from corp for the donation, rest assured it will be put to good use!


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Re: Saying Goodbye

Postby kalseth » Thu May 05, 2016 5:24 am

Ya sorry to see you go ... please hit us up if you get the itch again;
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