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Skills Guidelines

Postby Zand Vor » Tue Nov 25, 2014 3:50 am

As a corp, we do look for specific skills in pilots that wish to join us. These skills are based around our activities as a wormhole corp and are designed to exist as an easy-to-follow guide towards what you choose to put in your skillqueue. We do not aim to govern the skills that our members train, we simply wish to help point people in the right direction. ... edit#gid=0

We've divided them up into two core groups: T1 requirements are requirements we expect all members to have as soon as possible, and T2 requirements are guidelines for people to train towards as a part of our corp. (To phrase it differently, a list of useful skills.) We also throw in some ships for a visual reference as to the type of ships we tend to fly which also have low skills requirements.

Skills will be taken into consideration as a part of your application but they can neither have you automatically accepted or rejected. We look for people, not pilots. Our T1 requirements are expected as they are simply a core make-up of every wormholers life on Eve, and we've set them as low as we feel possible so that they would not be a hinderence to any player..

If you don't yet have the T1 requirements, you can still apply and be accepted. During the application process a recruiter will analyse your skills and discuss them with you directly. If you would find it helpful then a member of our recruitment team can meet you and discuss a skills training plan for you to build towards, and offer any help or advice you might need. We may, if needed, accept your application pending the training of a few skills which we would then monitor via your API key, then accept you to the corp once these have been reached. This would only be used if crucial skills were missing.

That's all there is with regards to skills. If you have any concerns regarding skills or any difficulties accessing the google doc, feel free to get in touch with either blue coeur, Houndhitter, or Angus MacDoom in-game and we'll be glad to help.
Zand Vor

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